June 16, 2024


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How to disable Windows 10 Antivirus

It happens sometimes that Windows 10’s Antivirus sends you notifications or doesn’t allow you do a specific action. In this case you might want to disable the default Antivirus on Windows so you can continue without receiving alerts (We recommend having Antivirus running all the time so it can protect your computer from malwares, viruses and other harmful files).

If you want to disable your default Antivirus on Windows 10, you need to:

  1. Click on Start menu
  2. Type and search Windows Security and click ont
  3. Click on Virus and Threat Protection
  4. Click on Manage Settings on the Virus and Threat Protection section
  5. Turn Off Real Time Protection

By turning Off Real-Time Protection, your Antivirus would be turned Off so you can continue what you wanted to do without receiving alerts and notifications.

Make sure to turn it ON again after finishing what you wanted to do as it will protect your computer against harmful files and threats. To turn it back ON you will need to follow the same steps, but this time instead of turning OFF Real-Time Protection, you need to turn it ON.

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