April 19, 2024


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Adding Pop-up window on website or blogs

Pop up is a window that gets opened automatically or when a user clicks on a specific link on a website. This can be ads on a page that get opened automatically or even a sign up link, privacy policy or any other page that the website owner would like users to see.

If you want to add a pop up window to your web page, here is small code that you can modify and paste it to your website or blog codes between <head> and </head> to have a pop up window for your page.

window.open("https://daiclick.com/ ",'2','resizable=yes,directories=no,menubar=yes,top=null,left=00, width=1024,height=768')

This example will open https://daiclick.com with width of 1024 and height 768. You can modify the URL and width and height to your desired URL and size.

Also note that most of the popular browsers have pop up blocker turned On by default which means that pop ups would get blocked automatically or the user would receive a message showing that there is a pop up window trying to open on the page and asks if the user wants to allow the pop up to show up. This is for security reasons and to avoid opening unwanted or malicious pages.

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