June 15, 2024


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How to add friends in Call Of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is a multiplayer game that became so popular immediately after publishing. This game as it name says, is a warzone game that you need to destroy enemies to get to the higher levels and receive bonuses. A lot of people play this online game because it is Cross-Platform game, meaning that you will be able to play it with your friends that use different platforms. For example if you are playing it with your personal PC, you still can play it with your friends that are using Xbox or PlayStation.

A question that we saw frequently is that how you can add a friend in Call Of Duty Warzone so you can play together in a team.

To answer that, first of all if your friend is using a different platform/console, you need to make sure that cross-platform option is enabled on your COD (Call of Duty) Warzone account. To make sure it is enabled:

  1. Go to Main Menu of the game, then click on “Options
  2. In the Options menu select “Account” and make sure “CrossPlay” option is set to enabled.

Now, to add a friend:

  1. In the Main Menu of the game, click on Social option at the top of the page (Y button in Xbox consoles).
  2. Select Add a Friend option to add a friend.
  3. You can search for your friends that play COD Warzone by their Activision ID, Battle.net ID, PlayStation Network Online ID, or Xbox Live Gamertag.
  4. After finding your friend by any of the above, click on Add Request button.
  5. Now your friend needs to accept your friend request so you can play Call Of Duty Warzone online together.

The Activation ID in COD Warzone is shown as Name#1234567. So if you want to add a friend using Activation ID, they will need to send you their ID then you can simply add them using the same ID. The activation ID is shown top right corner of the screen in the menu:

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